Stone Siding Installation Defects

- .  What happens when the faucet needs to be replaced?. Just like dryer vents, exterior sillcocks (aka – faucets or hose bibs) need to be embedded in sealant on the surface of the masonry veneer, not buried behind the veneer ..More

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Plumbing Vents Covered with Frost

- .  Frost was just beginning to form at the top, and could actually be seen from the ground.  This is a 3″ steel vent pipe at an old house in Minneapolis. This first photo shows how the frost begins to form ..More

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Burning Dryer Transition Ducts

- .  Of course these aren’t ‘real life’ tests of a dryer duct fire, but it’s interesting to compare the performance of the different materials. With this one, heavy smoke started coming out at about the 30 second mark, and it took about 27 seconds for the fire to burn through the duct ..More

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Keeping your clothes dryer safe

-  I’ll write about these next week. Transition Ducts are a big enough topic to deserve their own post. ..More

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Improper Shingle Nailing

-  There is a fairly narrow strip on every shingle where it’s acceptable to place the nail.  Hopefully my diagram below will help to illustrate this; the blue dots are supposed to be nail heads.  When nails are located too high on the shingle, they never catch the shingle below, which effectively cuts the amount of nails going in to each shingle in half. The more common and problematic nailing problem is to have nails located too high on the shingle. .  When properly placed, the nail will actually catch the top edge of the shingle below it ..More

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