Superior Kitchen Faucets at Plumbing Supply Stores?

- 45.  If the plumber provides the faucet, it will cost a lot more money – the list price at Delta’s web site for the Addison faucet is $514.  The plumber will install the faucet, but won’t give any type of warranty on the faucet, because it’s an inferior product compared to the faucet the plumber would get from their plumbing supply store. . Here’s how the story goes: a homeowner contacts a plumber to have a new faucet installed, which they’ve already picked out – a Delta Addison faucet they saw at Home Depot’s web site for $349 ..More

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Floodsafe® Washing Machine Connectors

- .  I’ve heard that one way to get around this is to throttle the valve half closed, but now you’re talking about some ridiculously low water flow. Another problem with these connectors is that the fast-acting solenoid valves in a washing machine can create such a sudden increase in water flow that the safety valve treats this as a leak, and shuts off the water ..More

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LED Light Bulbs – Pros and Pros

- .  I had to wait until night-time to take a photo of this, but I think you’ll agree – the light output at the lowest level is quite similar to the incandescent bulbs.  To properly dim an LED bulb, the bulb itself needs to be dimmable and an LED dimmer switch needs to be used.  After installing an LED dimmer switch, I was able to get these LED bulbs to dim about as low as my incandescent bulbs.  The one interesting thing is that at the full dim level, these lights seem to change color – they look a little green-ish. Another complaint that people have with LEDs is that they don’t dim properly, or they won’t dim low enough; not so with these bulbs ..More

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Holmes Inspections: Any Reality?

- .  This is a fun show to watch as long as you remember that it’s just TV.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very cool concept for a show – take a problem with a house that is cost prohibitive to repair and fix it any way you want with time and money being no object.   It would have been nice to do it this way from the start, sure… but I can’t imagine any sane person spending their own money gutting a kitchen just to make the floor warmer.  I think the main messages are good: hire an excellent home inspector and don’t skimp out on your remodel project. I’m not trying to be too critical of the show, but the repairs performed on this house were completely over-the-top and unrealistic.  You’ll save money in the long run by spending a little more up front ..More

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There’s No Perfect Temperature For Your Water Heater

- .  A tempering valve allows you to keep the water at a dangerously high, Legionellae-killing-temperature inside the water heater tank, yet it mixes cold water in with the hot water right at the outlet, making it so you don’t get this hot water at the rest of the fixtures in your home.  Last year I wrote about how I installed a tempering valve on the hot water outlet at my own house in order to get more water out of my water heater.  These valves would be a good thing to install in every home. To help prevent bacteria growth and to lower the risk of scalding, have a plumber install a tempering valve and crank up the temperature at your water heater to about 135 – 140, as ASSE recommends ..More

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