Stone Siding Installation Defects

- Joseph Lstiburek  actually calls this product “lumpy stucco,” because that’s essentially what it is. While masonry veneer looks great, it’s susceptible to the same moisture problems that stucco is.   Building science expert Dr. .  Moisture testing experts in the Twin Cities agree that this product has experienced the exact same type of moisture intrusion problems as stucco ..More

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Stucco Homes

-   The average cost per home exceeded $100k.  I decided to write about this after doing a home inspection in Blaine where the entire development was having the stucco torn off all the homes and James Hardie siding was being installed instead. . If you plan to buy a newer stucco home in Minnesota, heads up: stucco homes in Minnesota built since the late 80?s or so have had a nasty history of catastrophic failures ..More

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Unintended Consequences of Adding Insulation

- Simple.  The amount of air coming in equals the amount of air being pulled out. This exchange of air happens when you run your bath fans, range hood, or clothes dryer. . Depressurization can cause a handful of problems, but I will focus on back drafting.  Depressurization occurs when there is more air leaving the house than coming in. When air is pulled out of a house, the house will draw outside air back into the house ..More

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Burning Dryer Transition Ducts

-  While these products are allowed by code, I’ve heard that many municipal inspectors won’t allow them, and most manufacturers of clothes dryers don’t recommend them either. . Foil dryer transition ducts are typically UL Listed, and they’re readily available at any home improvement store ..More

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Attic Fans Won’t Fix Ice Dams (or anything else)

-  Don’t waste your money on an attic fan.  Once your attic lid is perfectly air sealed and you have enough insulation, the main causes of ice dams will have already been corrected.  If you already have an attic fan installed, your best option would be to have it removed and have proper passive ventilation added if not already present. . If you have problems with ice dams, focus on fixing your air leaks and insufficient insulation ..More

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