Hot Water Faster

-   Part of the reason I get hot water so much faster is that the hot water doesn’t need to fill up all of the main ‘branch’ lines to get to my kitchen faucet.  By installing this 3/8″ water line, I’ve cut the wait time from 45 seconds down to 10 seconds.  The hot water line that feeds my kitchen sink consists of 17′ of 3/4″ tubing, then another 25′ of 1/2″ tubing. .   I’ve cut the total run down to about 25′ by running the line straight to my faucet.  The other reason this works is because a 3/8″ tube has about 25% of the volume as a 3/4″ tube. All I did was install a dedicated 3/8″ water supply line from the water piping coming off the top of my water heater to the kitchen sink faucet ..More

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Holmes Inspections: Any Reality?

-  In the end, the original home inspector gets blamed for missing defects with the house.  Mike inspects the house, agrees there’s a problem, tears everything open to show what was done wrong or could have been done better, and then says he’ll “make it right”. There’s a show on HGTV called Holmes Inspection, which exposes problems with houses that were allegedly missed by other home inspectors. .  Here’s the basic formula: John and Jane buy a house, have it inspected, no major problems.  Time passes, problems show up, Mike Holmes gets called in ..More

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Poorly Insulated Eaves at Old Houses

- When we inspect houses, we frequently make recommendations for more insulation in the attic, but one challenging place to properly insulate on old houses is the eaves. ..More

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Keeping your clothes dryer safe

-  This sounds like a good project for the next rainy weekend. Take a peek behind your dryer with a flashlight periodically – it’s quite common for the dryer to come disconnected from the duct, which makes a big mess of flammable lint behind the dryer. .  The dryer duct itself needs to be cleaned periodically as well.  You can find instructions for cleaning your own dryer duct ..More

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Top 20 Home Inspection Photos from 2012

- .  It doesn’t work so well when they’re installed like this. Not-so-frost-free faucet – Frost free faucets have a long stem that allows the water to be turned off inside the home, preventing them from freezing ..More

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