Unintended Consequences of Adding Insulation

- ”  A leaky house may be uncomfortable and may have high utility bills, but is always well ventilated. They “breathe”. . I often hear people say “…they build houses too tight. You gotta let them breathe.  When houses are made tighter, they need to breathe through an intentional hole at a controlled rate. This is why most 100-year-old homes don’t have mold or moisture problems. We have to pay close attention to this as we go into a house to perform air sealing measures or add insulation. These changes can tighten the house, effectively eliminating a source of ventilation. These changes in ventilation rates can have undesirable consequences such as elevated moisture levels in the house, condensation on windows, or mold growth ..More

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Dirty glass at gas fireplaces

-  Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it is annoying. . After years of use, gas fireplaces often develop a cloudy white haze on the glass.  This white haze makes the flames difficult to see, ruins any potential illusion that you’re looking at a real fireplace, and really kills the mood ..More

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Hot Dimmer Switches

-    I noticed that the cover plate was very hot, so I pulled out one of the cover plate screws and stuck my thermometer in to the hole – it was 145 degrees. . So, getting back to the temperature thing – if you put your hand against a cover plate and it feels hot, is this a problem?   I started thinking more about this while inspecting a house in Plymouth the other day, after finding eight 65-watt bulbs controlled by a dimmer switch that was installed right next to another dimmer switch – it was the one pictured above.   In other words, the dimmer was controlling 520 watts, but was only rated 500 watts ..More

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Buried Fuel Oil Tanks

-  No professional oil tank removal contractor is going to leave the vent and fill pipes looking like that. . When fuel oil tanks are removed, the fill and vent pipes need to be removed or cut off and filled with concrete.  If you find pipes sticking out of the ground or foundation wall like the ones shown above, it probably means one of two things: either the tank is still there, or it was removed by a hack ..More

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Keeping your clothes dryer safe

- .  The most obvious and routine part of this is keeping the lint screen clean – it should be cleaned after every load. Clothes dryer maintenance is actually quite simple: keep it clean.  Dryer lint is flammable, and the more that accumulates in the dryer and the duct, the greater the risk ..More

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