Deck Guardrail Inspections

- The current requirement for new deck guardrails is that they withstand 200 lbs of pressure at any point along the top rail (Table R301.  Actually, this standard applies to all guardrails, both inside and outside the house, but decks are the place where it matters most. 5). ..More

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Stone Siding Installation Defects

- Of course, leaving a 4″ gap at the ground isn’t the prettiest looking thing in the world, but there is a solution; simply have the weep screed terminated at least 4″ above the ground, and have another layer of masonry veneer installed below it, as shown in the diagram below. ..More

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Observe and Report? That’s for Mall Cops, not Home Inspectors

-  He’s an InterNACHI guy. but the InterNACHI standards of practice only require the inspector to report problems – they don’t require explanations or recommendations.  InterNACHI has their own standards of practice, which their inspectors are required to “substantially follow”.   I looked up the InterNACHI SOP so I could quote Jay the right section of SOP, but as it turns out, all he was required to do was observe and report.  Of course, I still say he does a lot more than just ‘observe and report’….  Here’s an excerpt:. Back to my story… so anyways, I meant to call Jay up and give him much crap for saying that home inspectors just “observe and report”, but then I remembered that he’s not an ASHI guy. ..More

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Floodsafe® Washing Machine Connectors

-  For a quick example of how these devices work, check out the video below.  I slowly opened my faucet to increase the water flow.  Once the water flow increased enough to dislodge the flow restrictor, the FloodSafe® device immediately shut off the flow of water. I did some playing around with one of these connectors, and I can pretty much guarantee that removing this flow restrictor on a washing machine hose will make it so no water will come out at all. ..More

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Ionization vs. Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

- I recommend installing both photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms, or smoke alarms that use both technologies called dual alarms. .  While this is obviously a possibility, proper placement of smoke alarms and better education about how they operate is the best way to make a home safer.  Some people argue that these alarms shouldn’t be used because there could be more nuisance tripping due to the ionization sensor, which would cause the occupants to disable the smoke alarm ..More

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