LED Light Bulbs – Pros and Pros

-  If you have decent trim kits on your recessed lights, this will mean nothing to you… but I have super-ugly yellow (ok – ‘ivory’) trim kits on the recessed lights in my kitchen, and I’ve actually contemplated spray-painting them white or buying new ones, but now I don’t have to.  My annual cost to operate one of these bulbs would be $1. 97. 48 per bulb, bringing the ‘payback’ period to a little less than four years.  To really sweeten the deal though, these bulbs are designed to be installed without a trim kit. 5 watt LED floodlight down to $24. Two or three weeks ago, Home Depot had a special buy on the 65-watt equivalent LED lights, bringing the price of a 9. 11, making my annual savings $6. ..More

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Stucco Homes

-  They were excited when infrared cameras came onto the market, they purchased $10k – $15k infrared cameras, they went through extensive training on the use of IR cameras, and then they began using IR cameras on houses before performing invasive testing.  Each company shared the exact same experience with me. All three testing companies that I interviewed said the same thing about infrared inspections on stucco homes: they’re unreliable. ..More

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Dirty glass at gas fireplaces

-  You’ll obviously want to turn the gas off to your fireplace first, and allow the glass to cool down before removing it, if necessary.   You can try looking up instructions online by searching with your model number – just pop open the bottom access panel, clear away some of the dust, and you should be able to locate the model number. This is probably the most difficult part, and every gas fireplace is different, so I can’t offer much advice here. The next step is to remove the glass on your gas fireplace. ..More

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Two-second tip: how to drill a hole in your wall without making a mess

-  If you need to drill a hole in your wall and you don’t want to make a mess on the floor, just use a Post-it® note.  I had to pass this along. I heard Adam Carolla mention this quick tip, and it really works. ..More

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Attic Fans Won’t Fix Ice Dams (or anything else)

- . Unfortunately, lots of people claim that inadequate attic ventilation causes ice dams, which leads people to do all kinds of crazy stuff to get more air flowing in to their attic ..More

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