A New Attic Problem with New Construction Homes

-  This can be done pretty much any way you see fit – I’ve seen it done with both electrical tape and duct tape, and it works fine.  Thankfully, the fix for this situation is very simple; just cap the end of the pipe. .  If you have a newer home, this is just one more reason to break the seal on your attic access panel. Just as every little hole and crack that allows air in to the attic needs to be sealed off, so does this relatively large opening ..More

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Chandeliers Above Bath Tubs

-  They all look great, don’t they?.  A few weeks ago I somehow ended up inspecting three houses in a row that had chandeliers installed above the bath tubs – one in Chaska, one in Saint Paul, and one in Victoria. . Chandeliers above bath tubs are apparently all the rage today ..More

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Photos from New Construction Home Inspections, Part II

- . I’ve blogged about improper joist hanger nails before, and it’s still a defect that I find on new construction ..More

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Attic Fans Won’t Fix Ice Dams (or anything else)

- . Icicles hanging over the edges of roofs might look pretty, but once enough melted water gets trapped behind that ice, water can leak in to the house.  Minnesota saw a ridiculous amount of ice dams two and three winters ago, which prompted many homeowners to start looking for ways to prevent ice dams ..More

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Improper Shingle Nailing

- . Most roofers use pneumatic nail guns to nail down shingles.  This voids the shingle manufacturers warranty and greatly increases the potential for shingles to come loose and blow off, possibly in sheets.  When the nails are overdriven, the heads of the nails punch right through the mat of the shingle.  When the pressure is set too high, the nails get driven in to the shingles too far, plain and simple ..More

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