Two-second tip: how to drill a hole in your wall without making a mess

-  If you need to drill a hole in your wall and you don’t want to make a mess on the floor, just use a Post-it® note.  I had to pass this along. . I heard Adam Carolla mention this quick tip, and it really works ..More

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Plumbing Vents Covered with Frost

- The way to prevent plumbing vents from getting covered over with frost is to increase the size of the vent before it protrudes through the roof. 2530, Subp. .  Here in Minnesota, the smallest size vent that can penetrate the roof surface is 2″, according to Minnesota Plumbing Code section 4715. 2 ..More

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Low levels of carbon monoxide will not set off UL listed CO alarms

- For the best protection against low levels of carbon monoxide, buy a low-level carbon monoxide detector. .  This should be considered a supplement to the UL listed CO alarm that is required – see Minnesota requirements for CO Alarms ..More

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LED Light Bulbs – Pros and Pros

- Everyone knows what LED light bulbs are by now, right?  The three main benefits of LED light bulbs are  longer life, less energy usage, and Conspicuous Conservation. .  OK, that last one was a joke ..More

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Buried Fuel Oil Tanks

- The easiest way to identify a potential buried fuel oil tank is to look for a fill pipe and vent pipe at the exterior of the home. .  Sometimes the pipes will go through the foundation wall of the home ..More

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