Holmes Inspections: Any Reality?

- I’m not trying to be too critical of the show, but the repairs performed on this house were completely over-the-top and unrealistic.  I think the main messages are good: hire an excellent home inspector and don’t skimp out on your remodel project.  You’ll save money in the long run by spending a little more up front.   It would have been nice to do it this way from the start, sure… but I can’t imagine any sane person spending their own money gutting a kitchen just to make the floor warmer. .  This is a fun show to watch as long as you remember that it’s just TV.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very cool concept for a show – take a problem with a house that is cost prohibitive to repair and fix it any way you want with time and money being no object ..More

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Hot Water Faster

- All I did was install a dedicated 3/8″ water supply line from the water piping coming off the top of my water heater to the kitchen sink faucet. .  The hot water line that feeds my kitchen sink consists of 17′ of 3/4″ tubing, then another 25′ of 1/2″ tubing.   I’ve cut the total run down to about 25′ by running the line straight to my faucet.  By installing this 3/8″ water line, I’ve cut the wait time from 45 seconds down to 10 seconds.   Part of the reason I get hot water so much faster is that the hot water doesn’t need to fill up all of the main ‘branch’ lines to get to my kitchen faucet.  The other reason this works is because a 3/8″ tube has about 25% of the volume as a 3/4″ tube ..More

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Are ‘Hot Roofs’ allowed in Minnesota?

- The way it stands now, some cities in Minnesota allow hot roofs as an alternative method of construction and some don’t. .  Not all of the cities responded.  I contacted the building inspections department in twenty of the largest cities in the Twin Cities area, to ask whether hot roofs, or ‘unventilated roofs’ were allowed.  Here’s a breakdown of what some of the different cities had to say about hot roofs ..More

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Wood Chimneys Deserve A Closer Look

- To check for water damage at wood chimneys, you can usually just go around and push on the wood siding at the outside corners, where the siding ends at the wood trim pieces. .  If the siding ‘gives’ or your finger goes through, you know you have a problem.  When rotted siding is found at a wood chimney chase, the next step is to have some of the rotted siding removed to have the wall sheathing below the siding inspected for water damage ..More

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Illegal Plumbing Products in Minnesota

- Just because they sell it doesn’t mean it’s legal. .  Plumbers need a lot of training and experience – that’s why they charge what they do.  I often hear homeowners say “If these things aren’t allowed in Minnesota, why’d the guy at the store sell it to me?”  The answer is usually that they didn’t know any better.  You shouldn’t expect the person working in the plumbing department at a home improvement store to be up-to-date on the latest plumbing codes ..More

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