Organize your garage with pegboard

- Jerry Seinfeld:  “Have you ever noticed if a guy is out in his driveway, working on something with tools, how all the other men in the neighborhood are magnetically drawn to this activity?”. ..More

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Floodsafe® Washing Machine Connectors

-  I slowly opened my faucet to increase the water flow. I did some playing around with one of these connectors, and I can pretty much guarantee that removing this flow restrictor on a washing machine hose will make it so no water will come out at all. .  For a quick example of how these devices work, check out the video below.  Once the water flow increased enough to dislodge the flow restrictor, the FloodSafe® device immediately shut off the flow of water ..More

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Wood Chimneys Deserve A Closer Look

- To check for water damage at wood chimneys, you can usually just go around and push on the wood siding at the outside corners, where the siding ends at the wood trim pieces.  When rotted siding is found at a wood chimney chase, the next step is to have some of the rotted siding removed to have the wall sheathing below the siding inspected for water damage.  If the siding ‘gives’ or your finger goes through, you know you have a problem. ..More

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Deck Ledger Attachment Methods

- This is probably the least common method of deck attachment because it takes more time, and requires more running in and out of the building. ..More

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Kitchen Remodeling: Do It Right The First Time

-  Just like steel water lines, steel drain lines rust internally. Replace steel drains.  It’s not a big deal to replace them with newer materials when the walls are opened up.  It’s extremely common to find recently remodeled kitchens with brand new cabinets, but old galvanized steel drain pipe in the wall.  This is huge. .  It’s only a matter of time before these things gets clogged and become unusable ..More

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