Chandeliers Above Bath Tubs

- Chandeliers above bath tubs are apparently all the rage today.  A few weeks ago I somehow ended up inspecting three houses in a row that had chandeliers installed above the bath tubs – one in Chaska, one in Saint Paul, and one in Victoria. .  They all look great, don’t they? ..More

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Improper Shingle Nailing

- When shingles are improperly fastened, they have a tendency to slide and rip out of the nails holes, and this won’t be covered by the manufacturers warranty.  When the entire roof covering is installed like this, there is no simple fix. .  Either the new buyers need to accept the fact that their roof will be prone to having shingles blow off, or the roof covering will need to be repaired or replaced ..More

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Low levels of carbon monoxide will not set off UL listed CO alarms

-  This means that if you have a furnace with a CO reading of 25 ppm in the flue gas, you could place the carbon monoxide alarm right inside the furnace’s vent and it would never go off. The simple answer is that UL listed carbon monoxide alarms will not alert you to low levels of carbon monoxide.  Underwriters Laboratory standard UL2034 requires carbon monoxide alarms to not sound off when exposed to carbon monoxide levels under 30 parts per million (ppm).  Carbon monoxide alarms keep people from dying; they don’t eliminate all health risks. ..More

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Floodsafe® Washing Machine Connectors

- In last week’s blog post about washing machine connectors, I mentioned that I’m not a big fan of the FloodSafe® washing machine connectors.  These connectors are made for faucets, toilets, ice makers, dishwashers, and washing machines, and can be identified by an extra length of metal at the hose inlet.  These are special flexible water supply connectors, aka ‘hoses’, with a mechanism that will completely shut off the flow of water if the hose bursts. ..More

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Deck Guardrail Inspections

- The surest way to construct a guardrail that will withstand 200 lbs pounds of pressure is to use metal brackets that are designed just for this purpose.   If special metal brackets aren’t going to be used, the support posts should be constructed with full size 4x4s (not notched at the bottom), attached with through-bolts, and extra blocking usually needs to be installed to help keep the guardrail secure.   A couple manufacturers that make such brackets are DeckLok and Simpson Strong-Tie. ..More

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