DryerFlex: A Superior Dryer Transition Duct

- .  I held a torch 2″ away from each duct and timed how long it took to burn a hole through the duct. Because my testing method was subject to so much variability, I tried a more controlled burn test to compare different materials against the DryerFlex ..More

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Missing Knockouts

- .  You’ll find them next to the circuit breakers. Next, go buy some filler plates at a home improvement store or hardware store ..More

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  • Hvac Inspector Fontana, CA
There’s No Perfect Temperature For Your Water Heater

- . It seems as though the solution to help prevent accidental scalding would be to turn down the temperature at the water heater to say, 115 degrees, but lower temperatures actually create other problems ..More

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Improper Shingle Nailing

-  This is probably why I don’t find this defect all that often; it’s just too obvious of a defect for most roofers to leave uncovered. .  When shingles are located too low on a shingle, it’s an obvious defect that anyone with a good eye can usually spot from the ground. The other most common nailing defect that I find with asphalt shingles is improperly located nails; specifically, high nails ..More

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Floodsafe® Washing Machine Connectors

-  For a quick example of how these devices work, check out the video below.  Once the water flow increased enough to dislodge the flow restrictor, the FloodSafe® device immediately shut off the flow of water.  I slowly opened my faucet to increase the water flow. . I did some playing around with one of these connectors, and I can pretty much guarantee that removing this flow restrictor on a washing machine hose will make it so no water will come out at all ..More

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