Observe and Report? That’s for Mall Cops, not Home Inspectors

- . ”  I’ve heard that phrase repeated by home inspectors many times, and I take issue with that phrase.  Jay was careful not to diagnose the material as ‘mold’, which I have no problem with, but in his post he says that his job is “To observe and report.  .  Home inspectors do a lot more than observe and report. Jay was writing about finding what appeared to be mold growing on the trusses throughout an attic in a new construction house ..More

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Improper Shingle Nailing

- .  When properly placed, the nail will actually catch the top edge of the shingle below it.  There is a fairly narrow strip on every shingle where it’s acceptable to place the nail.  Hopefully my diagram below will help to illustrate this; the blue dots are supposed to be nail heads.  When nails are located too high on the shingle, they never catch the shingle below, which effectively cuts the amount of nails going in to each shingle in half. The more common and problematic nailing problem is to have nails located too high on the shingle ..More

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Wood Chimneys Deserve A Closer Look

-  Wood lap siding needs to be caulked where the siding pieces end at the outside corners. Preventing rot at your wood chimney walls is mostly about maintenance.  Even small gaps between the siding and trim can equate to major water intrusion and water damage.  When the siding isn’t properly caulked and sealed, the end grains of the wood suck up moisture and eventually cause the wood to rot. ..More

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Rubber Washing Machine Hoses

-  We arrived home to find an inch of standing water in our fully finished basement. When I was about ten years old, one of our rubber washing machine hoses burst while we were gone for a few hours.  That was one heck of a mess. ..More

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Stone Siding Installation Defects

-  If you’re planning to have this material installed on your home, make sure the MVMA’s installation instructions are followed to help lower the potential for water intrusion. Of course, this is only a partial list of the things that can go wrong on a masonry veneer installation.  If you’re buying a home with masonry veneer already installed, treat it the same way you would stucco – consider having invasive moisture testing done. ..More

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