Unintended Consequences of Adding Insulation

-  A house is a system; a bunch of smaller parts that make up systems, that make up larger systems.   The tighter the house, the more a house tends to behave like a system. Re-insulating an existing home properly is a complicated task. This means that when you change something in the house, such as adding more insulation, that change can affect the homes performance. . In most cases, this is the intended outcome ..More

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Holmes Inspections: Any Reality?

- I’ve had countless clients ask me about the show, and I’ve heard a lot of discussion about the show from other home inspectors, so I finally took the time to watch an episode to see what all the talk was about. ..More

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Rubber Washing Machine Hoses

- Every time a washing machine shuts off the water, a shockwave is sent through the water pipes – remember my blog about water hammer? While installing a water hammer arrestor at the valve will protect the pipes downstream from the valve, this does nothing to protect the rubber hoses between the valve and the washing machine from water hammer. The video clip below, courtesy of Sioux Chief, gives a great demonstration of what happens to the washing machine hoses every time the water is suddenly turned off.  The text in this video mentions plastic pipes, but the effect would obviously be much greater with rubber hoses. ..More

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Improper Shingle Nailing

- Most roofers use pneumatic nail guns to nail down shingles.  When the pressure is set too high, the nails get driven in to the shingles too far, plain and simple.  When the nails are overdriven, the heads of the nails punch right through the mat of the shingle.  This voids the shingle manufacturers warranty and greatly increases the potential for shingles to come loose and blow off, possibly in sheets. ..More

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DryerFlex: A Superior Dryer Transition Duct

- POST UPDATE 2/3/16: Dryerflex is now being sold under the GE name at Home Depot for $25.  Unfortunately, nothing on the web site says “Dryerflex”, and the description does a completely inadequate job of selling this product.  The Q&A section on their web site even includes a comically unhelpful answer from The Home Depot explaining why this product is so much more expensive than other dryer transition ducts.  Check it out here: Model # PM08X10085DS. ..More

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